Pampered with Posh by Heather Stimetz

Pampered With Posh Review and giveaway!

Before this Review, I hadn't heard of "Pampered with Posh." But now, I am SO glad that I have!

Today, I was thinking of how blessed I have been to never have to write a bad review.. If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I have no problem with honesty. If I do not like something and you ask me, I'm going to tell you the truth.

With that said, I am doing a review on Lei Away Hand Creme and Sugar Fix Body Scrub!

The "Lei Away Hand Creme" is most definately my favorite. I put some on my hands and rubbed them in, and I couldn't believe how silky smooth my hands felt. This is a MUST HAVE ITEM if you love having silky smooth skin!
I loved the smell of this stuff SO much too. I just kept smelling myself, and telling everybody all day to smell it! (and TRY IT!)
I have nothing bad to say about this product, only that I want MORE of it!!

The Sugar Fix Body scrub i used to scrub my hands before I put the Lei Away Hand Creme on, maybe the scrub is what made me fall in love with the hand creme!

I am not the biggest of fans when it comes to scrubs, alot of times i feel like they are painful.. but I do have somewhat sensitive skin!
I used a small portion on my elbows and knees because thats where I have rough skin at, and it left me feeling clean and scrubbed.
This product also smelled absolutely amazing and left me wondering and thinking that ALL of the products of this company smell absolutely amazing!

I definately reccommend that you try these products.. I don't doubt that all of the products are as great as the two that I reviewed!

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