It Works! With Mara!

I'm pretty sure every woman has wondered at one time or another if "It Works! Wraps really worked.
I know I have, and I don't really need to lose weight. I have a small layer of fat/skin on my lower belly I have left from (I feel) my pregnancies. I think most women have this same "problem" area.
This review is for one of the It works! wraps, actually "ultimate body applicator!"

Before I got started, I was given strict steps to follow to ensure those results that we've all heard about.
I was really fascinated at the fact that Mara gave me instructions on exactly what to do.
So , I simply followed instructions.
And it was super easy.

The "wrap" is actually a pad like thing that fits over your "problem area" and has lotion on it.

I showered first, then  I placed it over my stomach, and then wrapped an ace bandage type thing around me. (I actually used my wraps for kickboxing, but they worked the same way!)
I slept all night in it, and when I woke up (excited to take my measurements) I took it off.

My before measurements:
Upper Abdomen: 28 in
Waist: 24 3/4
Lower Abdomen: 28

My after measurements: 
Upper Abdomen: 27 1/2 in
Waist: 24 1/2
Lower Abdomen: 28

Unfortunately my (ace bandage type thing) didn't hold it in place, because when I woke up it had slid up and was no longer over my lower abdomen. I'm not sure why this happened, and cannot say if it was because of what I used, or if it was because I slept in it. Either way, I didn't see any results or difference in my lower abdomen.
I did, as you can see above see a difference everywhere else. I am not sure if this is considered among It Works! consultants good, or okay, or not good at all.. but I was happy.
I mean it took my less than 5 minutes to put it on and then I just went to bed. If you have an easier way to lose weight let me know! ;)

I waited a week, after I did this before doing this review because I also wanted to see if I kept it off or if it would come back.
And after a week, what i did lose, has stayed away and my measurements are still the same.

I would love to hear your results after you try yours!
Go see Mara and get yours today!
or go here.

Remember to take your before and after photos!
Enter our giveaway to try your own It Works! Wrap!
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ME? Who is that?

I recently finished reading "Scream Free Parenting." It is a different approach to parenting, but one that has been successful thus far in my experience.
It reminded me that I am still a person.
How many of you get lost in your children, and forget to take care of yourself?
I think it begins in that newborn stage, when you go days without showering because the baby won't sleep, doesn't like the bassinett, your terrified you won't hear them wake up/spitup, or you're just too exhausted to do anything other than lay there once the baby does go to sleep. From that point on, any "good" mommy puts her children first, right?
If you read the book, the answer to that is:
But let's not just go by the book, let's figure it out for ourselves.
I have recently realized I have aged about ten years since I had my first little boy (Gavin) 2 1/2 years ago. And I think it's because I have run myself into the ground trying to keep the house cleaned, the laundry and dishes done, working to make extra money, and the most important.. taking care of him, playing, teaching, and learning right with him. i stopped hanging out with (most) of my friends, and didn't care to make new friends, We took Gavin everywhere with us and rarely had date nights, when we did it was a redbox movie and one of us always seemed to fall asleep.  When I was pregnant with number 2 (Ian) I realized I needed more friends, more adult socialization, more adult (THINGS) in my life. So i joined MOMS Club.
(Which is an amazing organization and you should look for one near you!)
That helped with it, along with getting involved in my wonderful church, joining a book club, and bible study, and spending more time with my closest friends.
But I realized I was missing something else after I read the book.
But what is that, aren't I doing enough?
I have no idea? I think I have a balancing problem.
So that leads me to the ultimate question..
What do YOU do for "me time?"
What helps you clear your mind, and make you happy?
Because I seem to always be doing something for somebody else. I do enjoy it, and I do choose to do so, but i'd like to make ME happy too.

Pampered with Posh by Heather Stimetz

Pampered With Posh Review and giveaway!

Before this Review, I hadn't heard of "Pampered with Posh." But now, I am SO glad that I have!

Today, I was thinking of how blessed I have been to never have to write a bad review.. If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I have no problem with honesty. If I do not like something and you ask me, I'm going to tell you the truth.

With that said, I am doing a review on Lei Away Hand Creme and Sugar Fix Body Scrub!

The "Lei Away Hand Creme" is most definately my favorite. I put some on my hands and rubbed them in, and I couldn't believe how silky smooth my hands felt. This is a MUST HAVE ITEM if you love having silky smooth skin!
I loved the smell of this stuff SO much too. I just kept smelling myself, and telling everybody all day to smell it! (and TRY IT!)
I have nothing bad to say about this product, only that I want MORE of it!!

The Sugar Fix Body scrub i used to scrub my hands before I put the Lei Away Hand Creme on, maybe the scrub is what made me fall in love with the hand creme!

I am not the biggest of fans when it comes to scrubs, alot of times i feel like they are painful.. but I do have somewhat sensitive skin!
I used a small portion on my elbows and knees because thats where I have rough skin at, and it left me feeling clean and scrubbed.
This product also smelled absolutely amazing and left me wondering and thinking that ALL of the products of this company smell absolutely amazing!

I definately reccommend that you try these products.. I don't doubt that all of the products are as great as the two that I reviewed!

Go here and tell Heather we sent you over, then come back and enter our giveaway for your chance to win these awesome products for yourself!!

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Pure Romance by Elizabeth Hitchcock

Have you ever heard of Pure Romance?
Pure Romance is another direct sales company. All you have to do is invite all your girlfriends over for a fun girls night in, and Elizabeth will do the rest!

I reviewed some creamy "whipped" lubricant in Cinnamon Dolce.
This was a hard item to review for the fact that I keep my blog G-rated! hehe
So for the "review" I put some on my fingers, and rubbed onto my arm. The consistency is like a thick lotion, and it smells AMAZING! It wasn't goopy or nasty and a small portion covered a good part of my arm.
It's edible, and smells so yummy I had to taste it. It doesn't taste bad at all!
This is not a warming or tingly lubricant, which I prefer.
I did try this for other purposes, and enjoyed it.. we will definately be using again ;)

Go Tell Elizabeth we sent you over, and then come back and enter the giveaway for a $15 gift certificate for your next order!!

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Passion Parties - Lisanne Roy

Have you ever heard of "Passion Parties?"
It's a direct sales company, and Lisanne Roy would love to help you shop for all your needs!
We have done a review on the shaving cream and body mist in coconut lemongrass.

I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I was very nervous about getting razor burn, or the scent breaking my legs out.
The shaving cream wasn't thick like most shaving creams, the consistency reminded me of what lotion does when it gets wet.
I even looked on the back of the bottle to see if maybe it wasn't suppose to get wet, but once I started shaving I knew I was doing everything right! The shaving cream left my legs silky smooth, i just kept rubbing them!

After I got out of the shower, I sprayed my legs with the spray. Believe it or not, my legs felt EVEN MORE soft after that.
I didn't have to shave my legs again for a few days.. which is AWESOME for me! I usually have to shave everyday!

I am so excited about this stuff, I plan on buying more in the future and using all the time..
I recommend that YOU try it TOO! Contact Lisanne Roy on her website or facebook page to order, or have your own party!!
Tell her Killer Creations Boutique sent you over!

Killer Creations Boutique Reviews and Giveaway

Comment below and tell us what you think of OUR boutique, then enter to win your own Killer Creations Boutique letter namesake! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Relay for Life

Have you heard of Relay for Life?
My description is this. A community of people coming together to celebrate those who have beat cancer, encourage those who have cancer, and reward those who have BEAT cancer. 
There are teams of people who raise money, and donate it all to find a cure for CANCER.
To see a better description go here.
Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward is what Thirty One is all about. So in honor of Relay for Life, I want to donate a percent of my Thirty One to Relay for Life. (My church raises money every year, so I will be donating to our team.) 

click on "my parties"
click on "Relay for Life"
click "shop now"
Make sure you have it shipped directly to you. 
10% of everything off of this party will go to Relay for Life.
All the free products I get from the Party I will sell and the proceeds will go to Relay for Life as well.

If you would like to make a donation to relay for life`to can send a gift to via Paypal.
but please specify that it is for Relay for Life.


My dad's best friend passed away from cancer in 2009. I knew him my entire life. He was there when I was born, and one of the only people my mom tells that I would let hold me as a baby. He held me the day I was born.
I remember him as far back as I can remember. He was always around, and I loved him like a second daddy. He was my "unkie ken."  I wasn't related to him by blood at all, but bonded together in love. 
This was the man I called if my daddy couldn't be there.
The man that would be the accomplice and partner in crime with my dad when any harm was done to me.

Cancer took him from us so quickly. It was only a few months, so few in fact that I hadn't had time to accept it.
I saw him memorial day weekend at my parent's.
He passed the end of July.
Two weeks after memorial day weekend he was in the hospital and diagnosed with stage four cancer in his brain and lungs. 
I'll never forget hearing that news, and instantly praying. I was so worried, and I remember telling my husband (we were pregnant with Gavin at the time) He can't die while, i'm pregnant.. he has to meet Gavin! 
But it didn't sink in that:

CANCER doesn't care.

June went by, and I didn't get to see him. He was weak from chemo and not up for visitors too often.. 
my daddy was there, and I should've been there too, just to let him know.
Those lost days mean so much to me now, I know he knows I loved him and that helps, but regret is something hard to cope with at times.

Then one day I was told that he was really getting worse and I needed to see him.
So I did.
They told me that it was a really good day for him.
But it was so hard to see him like that.
Cancer had taken a lot of his hair, and what was there was white.
It was shocking how he looked physically, how everything seemed so hard for him.
But he told me how proud he was of me, and he rubbed my belly.
I hugged him for the last time that day, and I didn't know it at the time.
I was so distraught, after I saw him I thought.. he's not going to make it much longer. 

Cancer doesn't care. 

I am so glad I got to spend those hours with him that day. I wouldn't give those up for the world.
Those moments are so special to me now. It's almost as if he knew the time was near, and he gave me confirmation that I made him proud in my life.
Cancer took him from me about a week later.
He got to go the way he wanted too, at home, with his family. 
I said my goodbyes and held his hand not wanting to let go, and I watched as the people around me lost it, got it together, and lost it again.
We held each other together the way my unkie ken would have wanted.
And I watched as my daddy struggled to be strong and hold it together.

Cancer doesn't care.

I wanted him to see my son, be one of the first to hold him, just like he had held me.
I wanted him to have influence over my son, and help mold him into a man.
I wanted him to be my baby's "unkie ken."

Cancer doesn't care.

He left behind three kids.
Cancer took him from them.

 But guess WHAT?

Cancer can't take the fact that my baby Gavin is just as stubborn as my unkie ken.
He reminded me of him so much from the begnning.
And CANCER can't take that.
It can't take the time we got to spend with him, or the people he influenced.
Cancer can't take so many things.
But it took one of the most important.

There were signs, and He never went to the doctor.
Maybe it couldve made a difference.
Don't take the risk, if something isn't right.. take care of it..
Because Cancer Doesn't Care, and it will take you from your family.
 Don't let cancer take YOU.

Let's PUNCH cancer in the FACE!!

This is for all those who loved my unkie ken, and have lost somebody from cancer, or know somebody who is battling cancer, and for Sandra Jackson, whom I personally know is battling cancer.. and I want to be able to say she beat it.

Please donate today.

Hootie's House Review

The first time I ever saw one of these "nursing necklaces" was when I was pregnant with my youngest son Ian. At first I was confused, but after it was explained I thought.. "GENIUS!"
You know how baby is grabby while nursing and by the time they're done eating you have battle scars on your chest and neck?
Or how you can't wear a necklace without getting baby slobber all over it?
Or the shoulder part of your shoulder being socking wet ALL THE TIME?
The nursing necklace is for all of these, AND more!
Hootie's House makes them EXACTLY how YOU want!
So, I of course chose my two of my latest obsessions ZEBRA PRINT AND YELLOW!

The necklaces are made out of fabric, ribbon, and wooden beads.
So there are no harmful products, it is completely for your baby to not only play with while nursing but to bite on while teething!

You simply tie it around your neck and DONE!
So easy!

Hootie's House was so easy to work with, no complications or anything.
I simply told her exactly what I wanted, she made it and sent it, and now my neck, chest and shoulder are so thankful for it! ;)

The Art of Gifting LLC's Review and Giveaway

We did a review a few months ago on an amazing diaper cake designed by The Art of Gifting, and now we are doing a review on their CUSTOM MADE BEDDING SETS!

I have been in the process on changing my boys bedroom into a sports themed room. We had to downsize and now they are sharing a bedroom, so I wanted to change Ian's nursery decor, and Gavin's "Cars-lightening mcqueen" decor and go with one theme. I was thinking of "sports" because we could make that work for a few years, and you know I looove to save money! :)
So I have been done with all the decor except for their bedding for a few months when The Art of Gifting contacted me!
I was so excited, because I hadn't been able to find bedding that I liked for both of them, I was looking for it to be in the same print, but maybe the trim would be different colors or something. And here they are right in front of me asking me if I can review their bedding. HECK YES!
When I recieved my first package, it had one set that was completely correct, and the other was the wrong print. The first set was SO perfect though. It was Ian's set. (i have their room color coordinated, Ian's side is done in blue, and Gavin's is in red!) I fell in love with it instantly! So I contacted The Art of Gifting LLC and told them about the problem. They apologized and said they would fix it immediately. They were in the process of moving and their had been a communication error with the seamstress (who was currently in another state!) I, of course, being laid back and so in love with the set that was correct said that this was fine.
They sent me the second set, and everything with it was to perfection with the exception of the fitted sheet. It was made to the wrong size. I was so sad to have to tell The Art of Gifting LLC that another mistake had been made, they were also so upset about it, but were eager to  fix the problem. I was apologized to several times, and reimbersed for shipping it back. The Art of Gifting LLC was completely mortified at their mistakes, but I think this makes for a perfect review. It just goes to show that mistakes happen! I know the first time I ever made a mistake and had a customer complain, I literally cried and thought "Why am I even doing this? I totally suck!" Sometimes we need some encouraging words to let us know this happens to everybody. The important thing is that I recieved the fitted sheet a few days later and it, like all the other products, is perfect!
Each item I recieved in adorable packaging, wrapped to perfection and created an "awwwwwwwwwwwww!" effect when the box was opened!

I do not regret my journey with this company, and wouldn't trade my boys' custom bedding for any other store bought find. 
I reccommend working with them, because they proved that even when mistakes happen, they are fixed. 

And they are giving away a set of Curious George bedding!
Check it out below!!

Kate's Creative Kreations

Kate at Kate's Creative Kreations makes a lot of unique things like wooden signs, cute sayings on canvases, wine bottle lights and much much more!

I recently bought my first (gulp!) MINIVAN!! A dodge Caravan Sport! I absolutely LOVE all the room I have, but I feel like I am too young to be driving it! So we reviewed my initial lettering to go on the back of my minivan to spice it up! :)
Here is the photo that was sent to me before they were shipped!

AH! She made two different fonts and I LOVEEEEE them both!!


Don't look at how dirty my van is!!
After I took this photo I decided it was time for a wash.. and I will be doing that this weekend!! ;)

Head over to Kates Creative Kreations and get your unique, product made today! She is so easy to work with, and makes sure you get exactly what you want!

Hoplet House Review and Giveaway!

When Jenny from Hoplet House contacted me about a review and GIVEAWAY! I took a look at the website, and was instantly super excited! They bring "boutique shopping" to YOU! I love so many many of the items they carry, and after several changes in the actual item I was going to review and a few days traveling to me.. I got an ADORABLE dress for my niece. I know, I know.. I am always excited about the items I review, but I can't help it.. I simply have good taste! ;)

I personally feel like these dresses are very versatile.. they are cute no matter what.. you can wear it by itself, add a shirt underneath, add legwarmers.. and you get a different look every time, but one thing stays the same. THE CUTE FACTOR! Your little girl will be cute in these dresses no matter what shoes and bow you put with it!

(Can you tell i'm dying to have a little girl?)

Well I am..


Worst Mother EVER!

Yesterday I had my 18month old niece along with my 2 year old Gavin and my 6 month old Ian. When I put my Ian down for nap, I decided to take the older two outside to play to get some energy out. So I put on my bikini in hopes of working on my tan while they played! I had the baby monitor outside with me so that I would hear when Ian woke up. So when he wakes up, I gather the older two and we go to go inside to get him.The door is locked. My heart stopped, but I thought "NO WAY!" and tried again FUROCIOUSLY! It really was locked. So I allow myself about 30 seconds of panic and then I calm myself down a little and try to think of what I am going to do. I run down the stairs both my niece and my son in my arms around to the gate. We share a fenced in backyard with the other four townhouses and another section of 5 townhouses. The gate is padlocked and about a foot taller than me. I think of climbing it, and trying to get into my van to hit the garage door opener, but what am I suppose to do with the two kids in my arms? So I run and knock on three different doors with no answer. By that time I am completely out of breath and freaking out. I can hear Ian screaming on the monitor. Then I remember that I have chili on the stove, and carrots in the steamer (to make ians dinner later) So then I start REALLY freaking out thinking that the house is going to burn down with him inside. I think nobody is going to get here in time, so I call 9-1-1 thinking they are probably going to take my children away and put them in foster care because I am too stupid to deserve to keep them, but I feel like it is a matter of life and death for my beloved angel stuck inside the house. The fire dept gets there is 5-10 minutes. It seemed like forever, but I know if was very quickly. They get inside the house, and go through to let me in through the back door. I am still in my bikini. I dart past them (two kids still in my arms, all but throw them onto the couch and dash upstairs where my Ian stops screaming as soon as i pick him up. He feels perfect in my arms. Two firemen follow me into his room to check on him. When I hold him out to check him out he gives me a reassuring smile. I follow the two firemen downstairs where the third had stayed with Gavin and Lilly. I'm balling my eyes out standing in my bikini. They get my information, and reassure me that it was not a waste of time and that I am not an idiot. After they leave I cry for about 30 minutes, send my hubby a text asking him to call me when he gets a chance (he was at work.) and finally when he calls me maybe 10 minutes later and he calms me down reassures me that I am not dumb, that I did the right thing and that he would have freaked out too I am able to sit Ian down and wash my face off. Gavin holds my face in his hands and says "mommy otay?" I say yes and he gives me a big hug.
I still feel like the worst mommy ever. So many coulda, shoulda, woulda.. coulda checked to make sure the door wasn't locked (gavin likes to lock the doors) shoulda had my keys outside,.. i didn't even have anything to break the window with. It was the most helpless I have ever felt, and I will be paranoid forever about it.
What is your worst mommy ever story?

Little Lexis Boutique Review

Little Lexis Bowtique is an all around amazing boutique. When I ran across the page, I was immediately intrigued and overwhelmed by all the great items that are handmade there! When I recieved my cloth wipes and my wet bag, I was so excited! (I am always excited when I recieve a package!) But when I opened the package, I was not dissappointed!
I recieved square cloth wipes and rectangular cloth wipes. The small cloth wipes are perfect for a wet diaper.

The rectangular cloth wipes are the PERFECT size to fit in my travel wipes case! And they are big enough for the dirty, messy diapers!
I usually only have to use 1-3 on a dirty diaper, but when i use disposable wipes.. i use around 10 on a dirty diaper. (not sure if this is too much or too little hehe) But the cloth wipes are thick and soft, and perfect for my little angels bottom!
I also reviewed a hawte bottoms diaper.

My oldest is actually already potty trained. (he is 2 1/2 and about 27lbs.) So I wanted to show everybody how versatile and how long you would be able to use this diaper! My 6 month old is about 15lbs.

This diaper fits both of them! At the very smallest it is just a tad big on my little Ian (6 months) and just a tad tight on my Gavin (2 1/2yrs) Both of them are able to wear it though. Most 6 month olds are much bigger than ian, he is only in the 5-10th percentile. And my 2 1/2 year old is average. So my guesstimate would be that most children would be able to wear and use this diaper around 2 years!! How incredible is that? If you're a money saving mama, you will LOVEEEEE this diaper!! The microfiber insert is super absorbant, but very soft for that baby bottom!

And then for a place to put all those diaper hawte bottoms diapers and little lexis bowtique cloth diapers when you're out and about, and have to change one! A WET BAG!
I am in love with my cow print wet bag.. it holds all my diaper diapers so that im not carrying around a walmart bag! It's cute and fashionable, and NEEDED! Then when I get home, i just dump the diapers into my wet pail! EASY!
Little Lexis Bowtique also makes many many many more items such as custom travel wipes cases, fitted crib sheets, tag blankets, tutus, and much more!!

Make sure you check them out, and tell them we sent you over!!

Snuggly Baby Boutique

Snuggly Baby Boutique is a boutique I ran across in my search for cute, affordable cloth diapers. At the time we were potty training our Gavin (2 years) and I wanted fleece soakers to use as underwear, so that i could put an insert/prefold in at night.. but he would still feel like he was wearing underwear. (He thought the pullups were diapers, and he could go potty in them.)
We (I) also wanted to convert to cloth for our other son Ian (6months) who was about just getting out of newborn diapers at the time I first contacted Snuggly Baby Boutique. I waited until he was out of newborn so that the AIO would actually fit him! (At 6 months he only weighs about 13lbs)
Kimberly Dedeaux at Snuggly Baby Boutique kindly offered me a deal for ordering two fleece soakers and two fleece covers! So I took it and ran, later asking her if she wanted to send me one of each to use as review because I was so satisfied with the fact that she worked with a mommy who wanted to do whats best for her kiddos, as well as her service and the product itself.

The covers are not only adorable, but they have the buttons so that they get wider and stretch, there is also stretchy material around the legs so that as baby grows, the diaper can grow with him!

I was able to pick the print that I wanted! (She gave me a website and let me look through what I wanted and she ordered it!) Then I gave her the measurements of my little ones and wah lah, a few weeks later they come in the mail and fit perfectly!

The only thing I would change is adding buttons to the lower part so that they get longer, and would last even longer!!

I love the fleece soakers, and they did exactly what I thought they would. I used them for potty training and my son thought they were awesome! He chooses them over his other underwear.

Another great thing about the fleece is they are not absorbent. My son sleeps in them, so if he has an accident in the middle of the night (which he rarely does) the urine goes around the soaker and does not stay on his bottom. (SO NO RASHES! Even though I have to wash the sheets and blankets and all!)

Now that SPRING IS HERE! I have just been letting my boys run around in their (diaper/soaker) and it's so cute!! It's like a little outfit!!
Snuggly Baby Boutique has my 100% seal of approval.. and if you use cloth diapers, or are trying to potty train your little one.. you should definately check her out for her awesome, adorable, AFFORDABLE! diapers!! 

(My current, ALL TIME FAVORITE photo of my little munchkins!!)
Check out Snuggly Baby Boutique here!

The Art of Gifting LLC's DIAPER CAKE

 I've seen some really awesome diaper cakes in my day, but I think The Art of Gifting LLC takes the cake! (hehe!) They work with you to create the PERFECT design for the babyshower you need it for! My best friend made me a diaper cake for my baby shower, and I thought it was just the coolest thing and added awesome decoration to my perfect day, so I was very excited to add that for my sister!

When I opened my package this is what i saw:

It turned out absolutely perfect for my future unborn princess of a niece. :)

Not only was the finished product perfect, but the process was easy as well. The Art of Gifting LLC was and is an absolute gem to work with. She wants you to love her products and works very hard to make sure you get exactly what you want!

If you are expecting or know somebody who is, checking out The Art of Gifting LLC is a MUST!

Stay tuned for more reviews on their products!

A pocket Full of Sunshine Ties Review

A pocket full of sunshine boutique is THE boutique that made me turn to my hubby one night and say "we have GOT to have a littler GIRL!" Have you seen their stuff? Oh my word, you must check her out! But since I have two little boys, we decided to review some ties. I love my boys, and I am so happy that boutiques like this exist to make mamas like me (who like to dress boys like little men!) These ties are so awesome!
I love ties!

My favorite thing about the bow tie is that it fits my 6 month old, AND my 2 year old! They are adjustable! I would say my 2 year old still has a longggg time in these ties!! It is a rare thing to find something that a young child can wear for more than a season, right? Not with these ties!

I am on the fence about the other ties, because the elastic band has to be big in order to fit over their heads but then it hangs down really far, BUT I love that you can take away a collar shirt (& since it hangs down a little) I can put my babies in some jeans or shorts, and a tie ( or plain colored shirt ) and wah-lah! outfit!

A pocket full of Sunshine is DEFINATELY where I will be purchasing any future ties, (and if i ever get my little girl) I will be buying some of their adorable products!
Make sure you check them out, and like them on facebook!.
These ties are only 2 for $10 shipped, don't miss out.. check them out here!!

Ellamami's Nursing Cover

I randomly came across Ellamami's one day and instantly fell in love with her nursing covers. I was super excited when she decided to do a product review with me! I checked the mail when my husband and I were on our way to a friend's house. But I couldn't wait to see it! I tore into the envelope instantly, and was totally bummed. It was wrapped in pretty tissue paper, with a business card and adorable stickers. I had to wait an entire 20 minutes to get to my friend's house before I got to see it!

So I take pictures and then rip open the paper to see a beautiful nursing cover.

Kariann have a note inside with instructions on washing and a little notice that it was handmade, so it may have flaws.
I have still not found any!

I am totally in love with my handmade nursing cover, I haven't even used my store bought one since i've got it, and i will most definately be buying more in the future!

Not only are they amazing, but great prices and very fast turnaround time. (ONLY 3 days) If it's already made, it goes out next day!
The basic cover starts out at ONLY $25.
$2 for a pocket
$5 for ruffles

She also has a personal shopper cover, where for only $5 more she will go out and find fabrics she thinks you may like, OR sends you photos of fabrics.

And for the next week when you mention you read this review on her nursing covers, you get a 10% discount!!

Pick-berry Pics WordArt

I was so excited when Pick-berry Pics decided to do a product review with me of their WordArt! I've been needing something like this for our living room, and Pick-berry Pics made it custom made, exactly how I wanted it!
I knew I wanted our last name, but I got to choose everything! I told her the colors I wanted (I chose black and maroon, because thats the color scheme I needed to match.) I also told her that I wanted the photos to be black and white.
So I emailed the photos that I wanted her to use in my WordArt, and she changed the photos to black and white and put this beautiful thing together. Then sent me the digital file. I am so in love with it, and have been telling everybody about my newest project!
Now all I have to do is have it printed, and (Thanks pinterest!) I know how to put it onto my own canvas and save a little $$. (if you purchase WordArt from Pic-berry Pics, and want to know how I am doing mine.. send me an email at
Now only was the finished product a beauty, but the whole process was easy, fun and exciting! I am 100% happy with my finished product and recommend that you get YOUR custom made WordArt done TODAY!!
Right now if you give consent for Pick-berry Pics to use YOUR WordArt on their Facebook page you can get your for only $20!! Retail Value is $35 (if you do not want yours on their facebook page!)
If you happen to be in the Melbourne Australia area, set up your session today!!

Spunky Munky Legs Review & Giveaway!

I have always thought leg warmers were so adorable, I was so excited when I got my package from Spunky Munky Legs!
I recieved Rainbow, Blue and Tan Argyle, Orange and White Polka Dots, and Football leg warmers.

My favorite pair is the Football leg warmers. GM is 2 years old and obsessed with balls, so he was very excited about them too.

Spunky Munky's Leg Warmers are one size fits most, though they do carry select designs in Newborn. They come up to his thighs, but they are a bit tight, and GM prefers them to be about mid-thigh. IJ is 5 months and the regular size fit him baggy, but offer a great protection from carpet burns while he scoots around!

These leg warmers allow easy access for diaper changes, and are even easier for GM, who is potty training because he doesn't have to worry about unbottoning his pants, so he gets to be a "big boy" all by himself! :)

I am looking forward to using Spunky Munky Leg's leg warmers when it gets a bit warmer, because right now we only get to wear them
around the house.

These leg warmers can also be used as arm warmers! Spunky Munky Legs has an awesome selection of boys, and girls designs that you can choose from, so you can mix and match them to make a million different outfits!

If we ever have a daughter, I will probably buy spunky munky legs out of business because you can use these under dresses, skirts, tutus, AND for the same reasons I mentioned before!

Spunky Munky Legs also makes her own leg warmers, so if you are looking for something specific let her know and she will try her best to fit your needs!

Overall, I am very happy with Spunky Munky Leg's Leg Warmers! These are a great purchase at a very affordable price!

Most pre-made leg warmers are of $5 per pair!


One Killer Creations Boutique Follower will win: ...
a pair of spunky munky leg warmers just in time for SPRING!!

Our Store is now up!

You can now purchase READY TO SHIP items, gift certificates, and our advertising/marketing packages, ANYTIME YOU WANT!
It is still a work in progress, but definately a nice start. :)

Special Thanks to our very first boutique to send us an item for review!

She has sent us some leg warmers to try out, so be looking for our review in the next few days!