Worst Mother EVER!

Yesterday I had my 18month old niece along with my 2 year old Gavin and my 6 month old Ian. When I put my Ian down for nap, I decided to take the older two outside to play to get some energy out. So I put on my bikini in hopes of working on my tan while they played! I had the baby monitor outside with me so that I would hear when Ian woke up. So when he wakes up, I gather the older two and we go to go inside to get him.The door is locked. My heart stopped, but I thought "NO WAY!" and tried again FUROCIOUSLY! It really was locked. So I allow myself about 30 seconds of panic and then I calm myself down a little and try to think of what I am going to do. I run down the stairs both my niece and my son in my arms around to the gate. We share a fenced in backyard with the other four townhouses and another section of 5 townhouses. The gate is padlocked and about a foot taller than me. I think of climbing it, and trying to get into my van to hit the garage door opener, but what am I suppose to do with the two kids in my arms? So I run and knock on three different doors with no answer. By that time I am completely out of breath and freaking out. I can hear Ian screaming on the monitor. Then I remember that I have chili on the stove, and carrots in the steamer (to make ians dinner later) So then I start REALLY freaking out thinking that the house is going to burn down with him inside. I think nobody is going to get here in time, so I call 9-1-1 thinking they are probably going to take my children away and put them in foster care because I am too stupid to deserve to keep them, but I feel like it is a matter of life and death for my beloved angel stuck inside the house. The fire dept gets there is 5-10 minutes. It seemed like forever, but I know if was very quickly. They get inside the house, and go through to let me in through the back door. I am still in my bikini. I dart past them (two kids still in my arms, all but throw them onto the couch and dash upstairs where my Ian stops screaming as soon as i pick him up. He feels perfect in my arms. Two firemen follow me into his room to check on him. When I hold him out to check him out he gives me a reassuring smile. I follow the two firemen downstairs where the third had stayed with Gavin and Lilly. I'm balling my eyes out standing in my bikini. They get my information, and reassure me that it was not a waste of time and that I am not an idiot. After they leave I cry for about 30 minutes, send my hubby a text asking him to call me when he gets a chance (he was at work.) and finally when he calls me maybe 10 minutes later and he calms me down reassures me that I am not dumb, that I did the right thing and that he would have freaked out too I am able to sit Ian down and wash my face off. Gavin holds my face in his hands and says "mommy otay?" I say yes and he gives me a big hug.
I still feel like the worst mommy ever. So many coulda, shoulda, woulda.. coulda checked to make sure the door wasn't locked (gavin likes to lock the doors) shoulda had my keys outside,.. i didn't even have anything to break the window with. It was the most helpless I have ever felt, and I will be paranoid forever about it.
What is your worst mommy ever story?


  1. Worst mom ever! My son who is now 25, was in Pre K and was complaining of a stomach ache. I thought he was just not wanting to go to school, so ai made him go. Within 30 minutes of being in school, the teacher calls and says Adam is doubled over in some bad pain, was he sick when he left home (No I would never send him to school sick) I replied:(.....Well you probably want to come get him, and maybe take him to the ER. I thought buddy he has really gotten me in trouble. I went got him and he had surgery in just a few hours with a ruptured appendix. Talk about a bad mom, I felt like the worst scum ever. Needless to say he has a 2 year old, so he survived and I have had many laughs and shameful moments of this? LOL who knew!

    Patti Martin

  2. My Worst mom story ever would be the time I locked my two babies in the house. I lived in some apartments at the time and the trash bin was far on the other side of the complex. I would wait til my 3 month old and 1 1/2 year old would go to sleep. I would grab the keys and go to the mail box which was also a far walk and dump the trash. Well I was actually moving out and this was the next night I went in to clean everything up and they were both laying on the floor of the living room asleep. I go and locked the door thinking i had the keys but since i was moving out i had forgotten i had already taken it off the ring and had the key ready to give to the manager. When i get back my baby girl (the 1 1/2 year old) was screaming her head off. I panicked soooo bad It was the worst secs of my life. A neighbor came by with a broom really quick to try to bust the front window out. I was trying to get her to unlock the door, which she knew how already but she seen his face and got so scared and wouldn't move away from the window so he tried to just knock a whole in the window big enough to put his hand in to unlock the window. Well he made the hole without shattering the rest of the window but it wasn't big enough and he cut his self bad he went straight to the hospital there was blood everywhere. I felt so bad I didn't even know the guy :(. So I'm like om gosh I'm going to have to crack the window myself btw it was huge, but how am i going to get my little girl away from it. I asked a friend a mine that was my neighbor that was standing there to try crack the window and i was going to try my hardest to get her away from the window by continuing to pound of the door. The lady is freaking out about all the blood like really!!! I honestly wanted to just take the broom upside her head my dang daughters are in there!! It took me so long to convince my baby to back away she did just a little when i cracked it the first time just a little only pieces cracked that's when she got scared and ran and then i just went to town on that window grab my babies omg. my 3 month old slept Thur it all i couldn't believe it and my poor 1 1/2 year old mind you she's been talking and walking and singing, counting and everything since she was like 8 months and I just felt so bad for her I know she wanted to help but she got so scared :(. I felt awful, and I still obviously had to pay for the window lol...