Little Lexis Boutique Review

Little Lexis Bowtique is an all around amazing boutique. When I ran across the page, I was immediately intrigued and overwhelmed by all the great items that are handmade there! When I recieved my cloth wipes and my wet bag, I was so excited! (I am always excited when I recieve a package!) But when I opened the package, I was not dissappointed!
I recieved square cloth wipes and rectangular cloth wipes. The small cloth wipes are perfect for a wet diaper.

The rectangular cloth wipes are the PERFECT size to fit in my travel wipes case! And they are big enough for the dirty, messy diapers!
I usually only have to use 1-3 on a dirty diaper, but when i use disposable wipes.. i use around 10 on a dirty diaper. (not sure if this is too much or too little hehe) But the cloth wipes are thick and soft, and perfect for my little angels bottom!
I also reviewed a hawte bottoms diaper.

My oldest is actually already potty trained. (he is 2 1/2 and about 27lbs.) So I wanted to show everybody how versatile and how long you would be able to use this diaper! My 6 month old is about 15lbs.

This diaper fits both of them! At the very smallest it is just a tad big on my little Ian (6 months) and just a tad tight on my Gavin (2 1/2yrs) Both of them are able to wear it though. Most 6 month olds are much bigger than ian, he is only in the 5-10th percentile. And my 2 1/2 year old is average. So my guesstimate would be that most children would be able to wear and use this diaper around 2 years!! How incredible is that? If you're a money saving mama, you will LOVEEEEE this diaper!! The microfiber insert is super absorbant, but very soft for that baby bottom!

And then for a place to put all those diaper hawte bottoms diapers and little lexis bowtique cloth diapers when you're out and about, and have to change one! A WET BAG!
I am in love with my cow print wet bag.. it holds all my diaper diapers so that im not carrying around a walmart bag! It's cute and fashionable, and NEEDED! Then when I get home, i just dump the diapers into my wet pail! EASY!
Little Lexis Bowtique also makes many many many more items such as custom travel wipes cases, fitted crib sheets, tag blankets, tutus, and much more!!

Make sure you check them out, and tell them we sent you over!!

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