Snuggly Baby Boutique

Snuggly Baby Boutique is a boutique I ran across in my search for cute, affordable cloth diapers. At the time we were potty training our Gavin (2 years) and I wanted fleece soakers to use as underwear, so that i could put an insert/prefold in at night.. but he would still feel like he was wearing underwear. (He thought the pullups were diapers, and he could go potty in them.)
We (I) also wanted to convert to cloth for our other son Ian (6months) who was about just getting out of newborn diapers at the time I first contacted Snuggly Baby Boutique. I waited until he was out of newborn so that the AIO would actually fit him! (At 6 months he only weighs about 13lbs)
Kimberly Dedeaux at Snuggly Baby Boutique kindly offered me a deal for ordering two fleece soakers and two fleece covers! So I took it and ran, later asking her if she wanted to send me one of each to use as review because I was so satisfied with the fact that she worked with a mommy who wanted to do whats best for her kiddos, as well as her service and the product itself.

The covers are not only adorable, but they have the buttons so that they get wider and stretch, there is also stretchy material around the legs so that as baby grows, the diaper can grow with him!

I was able to pick the print that I wanted! (She gave me a website and let me look through what I wanted and she ordered it!) Then I gave her the measurements of my little ones and wah lah, a few weeks later they come in the mail and fit perfectly!

The only thing I would change is adding buttons to the lower part so that they get longer, and would last even longer!!

I love the fleece soakers, and they did exactly what I thought they would. I used them for potty training and my son thought they were awesome! He chooses them over his other underwear.

Another great thing about the fleece is they are not absorbent. My son sleeps in them, so if he has an accident in the middle of the night (which he rarely does) the urine goes around the soaker and does not stay on his bottom. (SO NO RASHES! Even though I have to wash the sheets and blankets and all!)

Now that SPRING IS HERE! I have just been letting my boys run around in their (diaper/soaker) and it's so cute!! It's like a little outfit!!
Snuggly Baby Boutique has my 100% seal of approval.. and if you use cloth diapers, or are trying to potty train your little one.. you should definately check her out for her awesome, adorable, AFFORDABLE! diapers!! 

(My current, ALL TIME FAVORITE photo of my little munchkins!!)
Check out Snuggly Baby Boutique here!

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