Ellamami's Nursing Cover

I randomly came across Ellamami's one day and instantly fell in love with her nursing covers. I was super excited when she decided to do a product review with me! I checked the mail when my husband and I were on our way to a friend's house. But I couldn't wait to see it! I tore into the envelope instantly, and was totally bummed. It was wrapped in pretty tissue paper, with a business card and adorable stickers. I had to wait an entire 20 minutes to get to my friend's house before I got to see it!

So I take pictures and then rip open the paper to see a beautiful nursing cover.

Kariann have a note inside with instructions on washing and a little notice that it was handmade, so it may have flaws.
I have still not found any!

I am totally in love with my handmade nursing cover, I haven't even used my store bought one since i've got it, and i will most definately be buying more in the future!

Not only are they amazing, but great prices and very fast turnaround time. (ONLY 3 days) If it's already made, it goes out next day!
The basic cover starts out at ONLY $25.
$2 for a pocket
$5 for ruffles

She also has a personal shopper cover, where for only $5 more she will go out and find fabrics she thinks you may like, OR sends you photos of fabrics.

And for the next week when you mention you read this review on her nursing covers, you get a 10% discount!!

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