A pocket Full of Sunshine Ties Review

A pocket full of sunshine boutique is THE boutique that made me turn to my hubby one night and say "we have GOT to have a littler GIRL!" Have you seen their stuff? Oh my word, you must check her out! But since I have two little boys, we decided to review some ties. I love my boys, and I am so happy that boutiques like this exist to make mamas like me (who like to dress boys like little men!) These ties are so awesome!
I love ties!

My favorite thing about the bow tie is that it fits my 6 month old, AND my 2 year old! They are adjustable! I would say my 2 year old still has a longggg time in these ties!! It is a rare thing to find something that a young child can wear for more than a season, right? Not with these ties!

I am on the fence about the other ties, because the elastic band has to be big in order to fit over their heads but then it hangs down really far, BUT I love that you can take away a collar shirt (& since it hangs down a little) I can put my babies in some jeans or shorts, and a tie ( or plain colored shirt ) and wah-lah! outfit!

A pocket full of Sunshine is DEFINATELY where I will be purchasing any future ties, (and if i ever get my little girl) I will be buying some of their adorable products!
Make sure you check them out, and like them on facebook!.
These ties are only 2 for $10 shipped, don't miss out.. check them out here!!

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