The Art of Gifting LLC's Review and Giveaway

We did a review a few months ago on an amazing diaper cake designed by The Art of Gifting, and now we are doing a review on their CUSTOM MADE BEDDING SETS!

I have been in the process on changing my boys bedroom into a sports themed room. We had to downsize and now they are sharing a bedroom, so I wanted to change Ian's nursery decor, and Gavin's "Cars-lightening mcqueen" decor and go with one theme. I was thinking of "sports" because we could make that work for a few years, and you know I looove to save money! :)
So I have been done with all the decor except for their bedding for a few months when The Art of Gifting contacted me!
I was so excited, because I hadn't been able to find bedding that I liked for both of them, I was looking for it to be in the same print, but maybe the trim would be different colors or something. And here they are right in front of me asking me if I can review their bedding. HECK YES!
When I recieved my first package, it had one set that was completely correct, and the other was the wrong print. The first set was SO perfect though. It was Ian's set. (i have their room color coordinated, Ian's side is done in blue, and Gavin's is in red!) I fell in love with it instantly! So I contacted The Art of Gifting LLC and told them about the problem. They apologized and said they would fix it immediately. They were in the process of moving and their had been a communication error with the seamstress (who was currently in another state!) I, of course, being laid back and so in love with the set that was correct said that this was fine.
They sent me the second set, and everything with it was to perfection with the exception of the fitted sheet. It was made to the wrong size. I was so sad to have to tell The Art of Gifting LLC that another mistake had been made, they were also so upset about it, but were eager to  fix the problem. I was apologized to several times, and reimbersed for shipping it back. The Art of Gifting LLC was completely mortified at their mistakes, but I think this makes for a perfect review. It just goes to show that mistakes happen! I know the first time I ever made a mistake and had a customer complain, I literally cried and thought "Why am I even doing this? I totally suck!" Sometimes we need some encouraging words to let us know this happens to everybody. The important thing is that I recieved the fitted sheet a few days later and it, like all the other products, is perfect!
Each item I recieved in adorable packaging, wrapped to perfection and created an "awwwwwwwwwwwww!" effect when the box was opened!

I do not regret my journey with this company, and wouldn't trade my boys' custom bedding for any other store bought find. 
I reccommend working with them, because they proved that even when mistakes happen, they are fixed. 

And they are giving away a set of Curious George bedding!
Check it out below!!

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  1. Would love to win this giveaway. adore curious george

  2. Thanks for your honest review of the products I designed for Ian and Gavin's bedroom. The entire process in hindsight was an extreme learning experience for me, and now a great pleasure. Your kind professional opinion means a lot and fills my heart with an even greater appreciation for our business venture, most importantly, your communication during the entire process has inspired a new, higher level in my quality of work for The Art of Gifting LLC. Verna MS Clemons, Master Seamstress

  3. I'd like to note this process encouraged us to add length to the industry standards on crib/toddler measurements for custom bedding. On our website as well as our facebook page, we will display the difference our customized bedding makes from store bought, and other competitors whom choose the standard measurements for bedding.

    The added length/width discourages the edges to "ride" and the fitted sheets to "slip" off while our little ones naturally move around as they enjoy their sleep; peacefully and comfortably. You, our parents; do not have to worry about having to constantly remake the bed as the fitted sheets will not slip off.


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    1. We are beyond thrilled to see so many entries to Killer Creations Boutique's Giveaway for our Custom Bedding!!

      We would love for you to become FANS of our facebook page as well!! That way you can enter future giveaways from The Art of Gifting, LLC!

      Thank you KCB!!

  5. My whole family LOVES Curious George!! :)

    1. :) Our Seamstress said she and Curious George have bonded between the number of requests specifically for him! We just said, "...he's back"! lol

  6. thank you so much~! everything is so adorable!!!! thank you!!