Relay for Life

Have you heard of Relay for Life?
My description is this. A community of people coming together to celebrate those who have beat cancer, encourage those who have cancer, and reward those who have BEAT cancer. 
There are teams of people who raise money, and donate it all to find a cure for CANCER.
To see a better description go here.
Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward is what Thirty One is all about. So in honor of Relay for Life, I want to donate a percent of my Thirty One to Relay for Life. (My church raises money every year, so I will be donating to our team.) 

click on "my parties"
click on "Relay for Life"
click "shop now"
Make sure you have it shipped directly to you. 
10% of everything off of this party will go to Relay for Life.
All the free products I get from the Party I will sell and the proceeds will go to Relay for Life as well.

If you would like to make a donation to relay for life`to can send a gift to via Paypal.
but please specify that it is for Relay for Life.


My dad's best friend passed away from cancer in 2009. I knew him my entire life. He was there when I was born, and one of the only people my mom tells that I would let hold me as a baby. He held me the day I was born.
I remember him as far back as I can remember. He was always around, and I loved him like a second daddy. He was my "unkie ken."  I wasn't related to him by blood at all, but bonded together in love. 
This was the man I called if my daddy couldn't be there.
The man that would be the accomplice and partner in crime with my dad when any harm was done to me.

Cancer took him from us so quickly. It was only a few months, so few in fact that I hadn't had time to accept it.
I saw him memorial day weekend at my parent's.
He passed the end of July.
Two weeks after memorial day weekend he was in the hospital and diagnosed with stage four cancer in his brain and lungs. 
I'll never forget hearing that news, and instantly praying. I was so worried, and I remember telling my husband (we were pregnant with Gavin at the time) He can't die while, i'm pregnant.. he has to meet Gavin! 
But it didn't sink in that:

CANCER doesn't care.

June went by, and I didn't get to see him. He was weak from chemo and not up for visitors too often.. 
my daddy was there, and I should've been there too, just to let him know.
Those lost days mean so much to me now, I know he knows I loved him and that helps, but regret is something hard to cope with at times.

Then one day I was told that he was really getting worse and I needed to see him.
So I did.
They told me that it was a really good day for him.
But it was so hard to see him like that.
Cancer had taken a lot of his hair, and what was there was white.
It was shocking how he looked physically, how everything seemed so hard for him.
But he told me how proud he was of me, and he rubbed my belly.
I hugged him for the last time that day, and I didn't know it at the time.
I was so distraught, after I saw him I thought.. he's not going to make it much longer. 

Cancer doesn't care. 

I am so glad I got to spend those hours with him that day. I wouldn't give those up for the world.
Those moments are so special to me now. It's almost as if he knew the time was near, and he gave me confirmation that I made him proud in my life.
Cancer took him from me about a week later.
He got to go the way he wanted too, at home, with his family. 
I said my goodbyes and held his hand not wanting to let go, and I watched as the people around me lost it, got it together, and lost it again.
We held each other together the way my unkie ken would have wanted.
And I watched as my daddy struggled to be strong and hold it together.

Cancer doesn't care.

I wanted him to see my son, be one of the first to hold him, just like he had held me.
I wanted him to have influence over my son, and help mold him into a man.
I wanted him to be my baby's "unkie ken."

Cancer doesn't care.

He left behind three kids.
Cancer took him from them.

 But guess WHAT?

Cancer can't take the fact that my baby Gavin is just as stubborn as my unkie ken.
He reminded me of him so much from the begnning.
And CANCER can't take that.
It can't take the time we got to spend with him, or the people he influenced.
Cancer can't take so many things.
But it took one of the most important.

There were signs, and He never went to the doctor.
Maybe it couldve made a difference.
Don't take the risk, if something isn't right.. take care of it..
Because Cancer Doesn't Care, and it will take you from your family.
 Don't let cancer take YOU.

Let's PUNCH cancer in the FACE!!

This is for all those who loved my unkie ken, and have lost somebody from cancer, or know somebody who is battling cancer, and for Sandra Jackson, whom I personally know is battling cancer.. and I want to be able to say she beat it.

Please donate today.


  1. I would choose H for our last name Horner and gold or green or brown to match our house colors~ thank you!

  2. Relay for Life has been such a great inspiration in my life, I love the Breast Cancer awarness, but I also have been hit hard in my life with cancer in general, so it all means so much to , love all the colors but pink is awesome, always do the breast cancer walks in October for Susan G Coleman, remember it ever day....The letter M for my mom:)