Hootie's House Review

The first time I ever saw one of these "nursing necklaces" was when I was pregnant with my youngest son Ian. At first I was confused, but after it was explained I thought.. "GENIUS!"
You know how baby is grabby while nursing and by the time they're done eating you have battle scars on your chest and neck?
Or how you can't wear a necklace without getting baby slobber all over it?
Or the shoulder part of your shoulder being socking wet ALL THE TIME?
The nursing necklace is for all of these, AND more!
Hootie's House makes them EXACTLY how YOU want!
So, I of course chose my two of my latest obsessions ZEBRA PRINT AND YELLOW!

The necklaces are made out of fabric, ribbon, and wooden beads.
So there are no harmful products, it is completely for your baby to not only play with while nursing but to bite on while teething!

You simply tie it around your neck and DONE!
So easy!

Hootie's House was so easy to work with, no complications or anything.
I simply told her exactly what I wanted, she made it and sent it, and now my neck, chest and shoulder are so thankful for it! ;)

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