Passion Parties - Lisanne Roy

Have you ever heard of "Passion Parties?"
It's a direct sales company, and Lisanne Roy would love to help you shop for all your needs!
We have done a review on the shaving cream and body mist in coconut lemongrass.

I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I was very nervous about getting razor burn, or the scent breaking my legs out.
The shaving cream wasn't thick like most shaving creams, the consistency reminded me of what lotion does when it gets wet.
I even looked on the back of the bottle to see if maybe it wasn't suppose to get wet, but once I started shaving I knew I was doing everything right! The shaving cream left my legs silky smooth, i just kept rubbing them!

After I got out of the shower, I sprayed my legs with the spray. Believe it or not, my legs felt EVEN MORE soft after that.
I didn't have to shave my legs again for a few days.. which is AWESOME for me! I usually have to shave everyday!

I am so excited about this stuff, I plan on buying more in the future and using all the time..
I recommend that YOU try it TOO! Contact Lisanne Roy on her website or facebook page to order, or have your own party!!
Tell her Killer Creations Boutique sent you over!

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